President Nixon Pamphlet

USA, c. 1965

6 x 4 in (15 x 10 cm)


Front: "Our Goal...Freedom in a world of Peace."

Back: "Freedom is a priceless right cherished by every man, no matter how poor he may be or how lowly his position in life. It is cherished by the people of the Soviet Union and in the satellites. It is honored in India and Indonesia. It has spread like fire through the colonial world of Africa. We believe in freedom. We want it for ourselves and for others throughout the world. With this as our message, we can never lose in a struggle with the slave philosophy of Communism."

Pamphlet issued by the Republican National Committee, with a photo of President Richard Nixon on the front. The inside of the pamphlet offers an insight into campaign propaganda from the mid-20th century.

Condition: Great

50-100 campaign ephemera nixon political president size-6x4

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