Three Mile Island Poster

USA, c. 1980s

25 x 18 in (64 x 46 cm)

ID #FF19D-PK3-4x-S

"Three Mile Island / The Accident Is Not Over / One Year Later The Continuing Threat ... Close TMI nukes forever; Cost of accident & decontamination be paid by stockholders, not by utility custoers; Close Oyster Creek nuclear reactor & stop building the Forked River nuke"

This poster features cows and a nuclear reactor plant as a way to promote a sit-in at GPU Corporate HQ to protest the partial meltdown of the Three Mile Island, Unit 2 reactor in 1979.

Condition: Good

Material: Paper

100-250 cows energy nuclear nuke political politics poster propaganda protest reactor size-25-x-18 three mile island vintage poster