Cognac Quevedo Poster

France, c. 1920s
24 x 31 in (61 x 79 cm)
"Cognac Quevedo / Este es el Mejor Cognac Español / Unicos Importadores: Fragas, Alonso y Cia. Montevideo"

This poster was created to advretise Quevedo Cognac Español--a popular brand of Spanish cognac. The stylized red text pop above the matching cat winking at the viewer. Printed by Pichot in Paris.

Artist: Unknown

Year: c. 1920

Condition: Poster imperfections have been diminished through linen-backing, but please enlarge image to see slight creases along paper.

This poster is linen-backed on canvas. Email us at for more details.

500-1000 ad advertisement alcohol beverage cat cognac cognac quevedo original poster size-24-x-31 spanish vintage vintage poster