Small Cordial Medoc Poster

France 1938
30 x 22 in (76 x 56 cm)
"Liqueur Cordial-Médoc / La Liqueur Qui Réjouit le Coeur"


A vintage advertising poster for Cordial Médoc Liqueur. Features a whimsical clown adorned in hearts and seemingly toasting his beverage. Artist Henry Le Monnier (1893-1978) was a prominent French artist who amassed an impressive art portfolio of completed advertisements. Cordial Medoc Liqueur has been produced since 1878 by G. A. Jourde in Bordeaux, France.

Please note we offer two sizes of this poster. The larger 47 x 63 version is $850.

Artist: Henry Le Monnier

Country: France

Year: 1938

Condition: Very good.

This poster is linen-backed on canvas. Email us at for more details.

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