Lucky Beer Poster

U.S.A., c.1955
41 x 13 in (104 x 33 cm)
"Shoot For The Best...You're In Luck With"


In a mirror image of each other, two ice-cold beers sit on a wooden table encircled by a metal horseshoe. The horseshoe, a symbol of abundance, good fortune, and protection sits around the stem of the beer glass. No matter which orientation at which you admire this poster, exudes a playful sense of mischief and weekend recreation. No matter what you endeavor to do, with this poster, you'll have the best of luck.

Year: c.1955

Condition: Very good.

This poster is linen-backed. Email us at for more details.


250-500 Beer beers cold beers good fortune good luck horseshoe size-41-x-13 superstition