Tea Break Cafe #172

U.S.A, 1997

27 x 47 in (69 x 119 cm)

ID #LJ-Z-172

Two ladies take their tea break in Tea Break Cafe.

A native Georgian, Leonard Jones taught himself to paint when he was in high school. His works are greatly inspired by scenes from his childhood, images of rural living in the South including housewives, church-goers, and laborers. A folk artist who is often considered an outsider, Jones paints to capture candid daily life and the beauty found in the community around him.The use of scrap wood or tin roofing alludes to the buildings he grew up with, and he often incorporates these materials into the paintings themselves. The materials are covered in bold backgrounds of color, which Jones paints subjects over using his fingers or the handles of brushes, leaving a distinctly Leonard Jones work of art.

Artist: Leonard Jones

Material: Paint on metal


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