The Emigrant Ship Poster

U.S.A., 1895
13 x 10 in (33 x 24 cm)
"This song must not be sung in music halls without the permission of Missi / Friends Were Saying Good-Bye"

Parts of this poster have been torn off, but the original purpose of the poster was to promote the song 'Friends were Saying Good-Bye (The Emigrant Ship) as a way to make peace with emigrating away from home. The singer, Miss Marie LeBlanc, is shown at the center of the poster while people say goodbye to their loved ones next to her.

Artist: F.V. St. Clair

Year: 1895

Condition: Two large tears from upper right corner and bottom left corner and various discoloration due to age of piece.

This poster is linen-backed on canvas. Email us at for more details.

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