Matson Line Hawaii Poster

U.S.A., 1940
14 x 11 in (36 x 28 cm)
"Matson Line to Hawaii / Hawaii's spell is subtle...her appeal, infinite...her artifices of sun, sea and flowers are without all the world there is only one Hawaii...Sail in safe American ships, across peaceful seas...prepare to be captivated by these islaes of unparalleled charm. Meet some measure of the the word-and-picture story of Hawaii and South Seas...available at Travel Agents or Matson Line offices."

This poster advertises four different liners from Matson Line--the S.S. Lurline, the S.S. Mariposa, the S.S. Monterey, and the S.S. Matsonia after the success of their original iner, the S.S. Malolo. These ships came after there was increased passenger traffic to Hawaii around 1930.

Printed by and for the Matson Navigation Company and the Oceanic Steamship Company

Year: 1940

Condition: Very good.

This poster is linen-backed on canvas. Email us at for more details.

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