Harper's Weekly "Wreck of the City of New York" Illustration

U.S.A., 1862
16 x 22 in (41 x 56 cm)
"The Wreck of the 'City of New York', of the Burnside Expedition, off Hatteras Inlet."

This scene depicts a Nor'easter storm trapping a fleet as it attempted to cross mid-Atlantic towards Hatteras Inlet. The City of New York was a screw steamer that caught the worst of it, eventually losing two large deckboats in the storm.

Harper's Weekly was an American political magazine that ran from 1857 until 1916. It was known for its coverage of the American Civil War which included mixed media such as illustrations, engravings, maps, and photographs. Famous political cartoonists such as Thomas Nast, Winslow Homer, and Granville Perkins all contributed an array of work to the publication. It was the most widely read journal in the United States at its peak.

Artist: Granville Perkins

Year: February 15, 1862

Condition: Fair; please note fold lines, slight tearing of edges, and discoloration of page due to age.

This page is linen-backed on canvas. Email us at postermuseum@gmail.com for more details.

100-250 american black and white burnside expedition civil war granville perkins harpers weekly horizontal original poster ship size-16-x-22 storm united states vintage vintage poster

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