Dog and Boy Frances Tipton Hunter Poster

U.S.A., c.1950
14 x 14 in (36 x 36 cm)
"In a Tough Spot"


In this playful poster by famed illustrator Frances Tipton Hunter, a mischievous young boy attempts to fool a train conductor as his dog wiggles free of his make-shift disguise. The boy's side eyed gaze, his upside down comic book, and the dog's troublesome expression bring a prankish and sweet life to this poster. Titled "In a Tough Spot", Hunter creates an atmosphere of chaos as the viewer watches the boy's plan fall apart.

Artist: Frances Tipton Hunter

Condition: Good.

Year: c.1950

This poster is linen-backed. Email us at for more details

100-250 1950s dog Frances Tipton Hunter illustration little boy playful puppy size-14-x-14 train train conductor

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