Voyages à Prix Rèduits Poster ✓

France, 1900

42 x 29 in (107 x 74 cm)


"Voyages à Prix Rèduits / Bains de Mer / Billets valablse 3, 4, 10 ou 33 jours ces derniers prolongeables / Réduction jusqu'a 40% / Excursions: (12 Itinèraires)"


Trips at reduced prices are advertised in this poster promoting travel through the Western Railways of France. People exit a chapel along the seaside with yellow flowers adorning the foreground of this poster.

Artist: Gustave Fraipont

Printer: F&M. Moreau

Year: 1900

Condition: Top part of the text on poster is missing; pencil mark on top of the P in Prix; slight creasing, especially along edges/corners of paper; discoloration, specifically seen along bottom right-hand edge.

This poster is on a thin sheet of canvas. Email us at for more details.

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