MG Poster

The Netherlands, 1944
20 x 30 in (51 x 76 cm)

"Verbindingsorgaan met de Geallieerden. Het landsbelang vergt nauwe samenwerking met de legers van onze bondgenoten. Het is de taak van het militair gezag, als schakel tusschen het geallieerde opperbevel en de Nederlandsche burgerlijke autoriteiten, deze samenwerking zoveel mogelijk te bevorderen. Heeft alleen uw volle steun en medewerking!" (Liaison with the Allies. The interest of the country requires close cooperation with the armies of our allies. It is the task of the military authority, as a link between the Allied High Command and the Dutch civil authorities, to promote this cooperation as much as possible. Give everyone your full support and cooperation!)

Original vintage Dutch propaganda poster. The poster encourages the Dutch to cooperate with the Allies, an about-face from their official policy of neutrality. The Netherlands had declared their position of neutrality from the outset of the war, but following Nazi occupation in 1940, small insurgent groups began organizing in protest. The "MG" label on this poster might refer to Operation Market Garden, a plan the Allies had to advance on the Nazis through the Belgian-Dutch border. This poster truly is a rare historical find.

Artist: Lewitt-Him

Year: 1944

Condition: Excellent

Please note this poster is linen-backed on canvas

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