Get in the Scrap WWII Poster

U.S.A., c. 1940s
29 x 21 in (74 x 53 cm)
"Get in the Scrap / America's war industries need / Metals, Papers, Old Rags, Rubber / Get it back in war production"

This WWII propaganda poster promotes the idea of recycling in order to conserve and reuse resources that were necessary or in short supply. Many posters like this one were created during this era in order to show civilians that they could contribute to the war effort through their everyday activities.

Distributed by the Division of Information Office for Emergency Management, Washington, D.C.

Year: ca. 1940-1945

Condition: Poster has several tears on each edge and has visible fold lines. Poster also has rip in the middle of paper on lower lefthand side.

This poster is on paper, but please note that we offer linen-backing for an additional cost. Email us at for more details.

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