11e-Grande Semaine Berrichonne de L'Indre -R. Adam

R. Adam

48 x 31 in (121 x 79 cm)

ID #FR58


A sheep herder with a select few of her flock stand against a vibrant backdrop littered with royal blue and goldenrod.  The rolling French countryside peeks through the trees and fence as the woman stands with her livestock.  

Raised for its exquisite meat, adaptability to surroundings, and prolificacy, the berrichonne de l'Indre (a French breed of sheep) is a heirloom of the Berry region. This "Grande Semaine" (big week) was most likely a celebration of this animal and it's renowned qualities.

Now endangered, the berrichonne de l'Indre is a protected species under conservation and controlled re-population efforts.


30 Mai - 7 Juin, Chateauroux 1925


1925 500-1000 animals Berry blue c.1920 Chateauroux country countryside dog Farm France french goat gold Harvest L'Indre lamb medium mutton Original R.Adam Sheep shepard size-47-5x31-25 travel vibrant vintage poster woman wool yellow

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