Bagni di Rimini Travel Poster ✓

Italy, 1993

28 x 39 in (70 x 98 cm)


"1843, Bagni di Rimini, 1993, Apt del Circondario di Rimini, Comune di Rimini." 

1943, Baths of Rimini, 1993, Apt of the District of Rimini, Municipality of Rimini.

This beautiful poster advertises 150 years of the baths in Rimini, an Italian seaside town known for its crystal-clear mediterranean water. This mermaid in a royal blue holds up a yellow parasol, the colors of Rimini. 

Though the artist, Gruau, was known for his fashion illustrations, he made an exception for this travel poster, given that Rimini was his hometown and was very dear to him.

Artist: René Gruau

Printer: Stampa Garattoni Rimini

Condition: Good

Please note this is linen-backed on canvas. 


*Updated 2022

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