1981: En Avant Citroen! ✓

French Poster

47 x 63 in (119 x 160 cm)


Title: 1981: en avant Citroen!

Translation: 1981: Before Citroen!

Artist: Raymond Savignac

Condition: Excellent

Description: "1981: en avant Citroen!" is a poster created by the French artist Raymond Savignac in 1981. The poster was created to promote Citroen, a French automobile manufacturer.

The poster features a bold and colorful graphic design, with the words "1981: en avant Citroen!" ("Forward Citroen in 1981!") prominently displayed at the top. The image shows a stylized Citroen car, with the body of the car forming a large letter "C."

"1981: en avant Citroen!" is a great example of Savignac's style, which often featured bold, colorful imagery and simple, direct messaging. The poster captures the spirit of the early 1980s, a time of optimism and progress, and encourages viewers to embrace Citroen as a brand that embodies these values.

 size 63 x 47

Please note this poster is linen backed on canvas.

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