E.A. Seguy Prismes 12

E.A. Seguy

13 x 10 in (32 x 24 cm)

ID #SEG0012

E.A Seguy was a French artist who used the naturally occurring patterns in plants and insects to create intricate nature inspired designs. He was an extremely important designer in the beginning of the twentieth century and his designs fell under  Art Noveau and Art Deco categories. He also published 11 books of his designs during his career. Seguy’s artistic technique was hand coloring prints in vibrant and rich colors, also known as pochoir. This was a very labor-intensive process as it required multiple layers of hand colored plates in order to achieve the illusion of depth as well as to show the smallest details.

100-250 art art deco art noveau colorful decoration design E.A. Seguy france French pattern Prismes size-12-5x9-5

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