Ölands Djurpark Poster

Sweden, mid-late 20th century (?)

28 x 20 in (71 x 51 cm)

ID #FF19C-PK7-1-LZ


Poster advertising Öland Zoo and Amusement Park, a joint park in Sweden featuring both a zoo with Swedish and international animals, as well as an amusement park. Swedish text approximately translates to "JUST A SHOT FROM THE BRIDGE TO... OLAND'S ZOO-PARK!", referencing the park's close proximity to the Öland bridge. Poster features a color illustration featuring a large kangaroo jumping from the Öland bridge into the foreground. The kangaroo wears a hat, glasses and camera, carrying a young boy and three zoo animals in its pouch. Artist signature present inside the exclamation point.

Artist: Nils Thorén

Condition: Multiple vertical and horizontal fold lines, many creases on the poster.

Material: Paper

20th century 250-500 amusement cartoon kangaroo park poster size-28-x-20 sweden vintage poster zoo

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