Veritables Boules Pectorales

France, c. 1890

33 x 50 in (84 x 127 cm)

ID #LB39x55-Z-131


Prochainement Agrandissements Considerables. Veritables Boules Nerand Fils. Elles Sont Les Meilleures. Usine a Vapeur a Charost. 

Translation: Considerable expansions soon. Genuine Nerand Sons Boules Pectorales (vintage French candy brand). They are the best. Steam plant at Charost. 

Artist J.Hirsch 

Year: c. 1890

Condition: Good, please note tear at the top left corner

Linen-backed on canvas. 

500-1000 animal animals bakery black cat candy cat children clothing expansion factory France french medium mouse nerand Original size-33x50 toc turn of the century vintage poster vintage posters yellow