Along the way of TWA Travel Poster ✓

Egypt, c. 1950s

32 x 26 in (81 x 66 cm)


 "Along the way of TWA... Egypt. The Bazaar in Cairo. Colorfoto by TWA... Trans World Airlines." 

This brilliant vintage photograph reveals the golden age of flight -- this TWA advertisement was part of a "Along the way..." series, meant to capture viewer's attention and entice them to travel to new and foreign places. 

Artist/Printer: TWA

Condition: Good, some markings and scuffs 

Please note this poster is linen-backed on canvas. 


*Updated 2022

100-250 1950 32 x 26 in / cm air line Along the Way of TWA... Egypt aviation bazaar brass engraver c. 1955 EG Egypt Egypt FR France french horizontal linen backed medium merchants Oriental Arts Original c. 1955 products size-32x26 travel travel aviation products horizontal TWA vintage poster yes