Angers Circuits Automobiles Poster ✓

France, 1926

25 x 40 in (64 x 102 cm)


Vintage French travel poster advertising the quaint town of Angers, one of the stops on the Paris to Orleans railway. Illustrated on the poster is an image of the town, the charms of its medieval architecture on full display—the grand cathedral rising above the rooftops in the background. The poster purports to be promoting the automobile circuits of Angers, but this old-fashioned town doesn't seem as if a car has every seen its secluded roads. 

"Chemin de fer de Paris a Orleans." (Railway from Paris to Orleans.)

Artist: Constant Duval

Year: 1926

Condition: Good, please note some scratches along the border as well as minor restoration done in the bottom left corner

Poster is linen-backed on canvas

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