Noyon et sa Cathedrale Poster ✓

France, c. 1920

29 x 41 in (74 x 103 cm)


Vintage French travel poster for the village of Noyon and its cathedral, illustrated here in a style that emphasizes the cathedral's grandeur, how it looms over the surrounding rooftops. Noyon was to be one of the stops on a national automobile race the norther railway was advertising. 

"Chemin de fer du nord. Noyon et sa cathedrale, apres le depart de l'ennemi. Circuits automobiles du depart de la Gare de Compiegne pour la visite de la Foret de Compiegne, du Noyonnais et de la ville de Noyon." (Northern Railway. Noyon and its cathedral, after the departure of the enemy. Automobile circuits departing from the Compiegne station to visit the Compiegne forest, Noyonnais and the town of Noyon.)

Printer: G. Jenin, Paris

Year: c. 1920

Condition: Good, please note minor restoration done in the bottom left corner and a scratch near the bottom right border

Poster is linen-backed on canvas

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