Arbeit und Brot-Das Volks-Einkommen möschst! Poster

Germany, c. 1930s
34 x 25 in (86 x 64 cm)
ID #FF12B-N-35 PK4
"Arbeit und Brot-Das Volks-Einkommen möschst!"

Poster translation: "Work and bread - the people's income is growing! Earlier ... today ... That means: the annual income of the German people has increased by 11 billion Rm. Compared to 1932 due to the Fuhrer's reconstruction policy. All votes on March 29 for Adolf Hitler." This poster is telling people to vote for Hitler because of the supposed income he has brought for the German people. The image is of Germany with two stacks of coins representing the income from earlier and "present day."

Printer: Hugo Fischer, München 

Condition: Good condition, tape stains on the top middle, overall some signs of age.

Please note that this poster can be linen-backed on canvas for an additional charge. Email for more information.

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