Artillerie-Stellungen Poster

Germany, C. 1940
19 x 27 in (48 x 69 cm)

"Artillerie-Stellungen am Rennbuckel" (Artillery positions on the Rennbuckel)

This German war poster advertises an exhibition of artillery pieces on the Rennbuckel (Karlsruhe) to raise money for Regiment 50, 1st Artillery Division. The drama of this poster design is just great, shadowy silhouettes of a canon making up the main illustration.

Artist: AK <p> Printer: Druck von L. Glockner <p> Year: c. 1916 <p> Please note this can be linen-backed on canvas for an additional price. Please email for more information. <p> Condition: Excellent, minor piece missing. A linen-backed version is available on our website.

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