Salon des Arts Menagers Poster ✓

France, 1928
26 x 40 in (65 x 102 cm)

Vintage French poster for the fifth annual Household Arts Show, an exhibition of new domestic appliances that had been released that year. The poster's vivid reds, oranges, and yellow really make its graphics pop.

"Ministere de l'Instruction Publique. Office national des Recherches Scientifiques et Industrielles et des Inventions. Veme Salon des Arts Menagers, Paris Grand Palais. 27 Janvier-19 Fevrier, 1928. Tout ce qui concerne l'amenagement et l'approvisionnement de la Maison moderne. Prix d'entree 3 frcs jusqu'a midi, 5 frcs l'apres-midi, 10 frcs le vendredi apres-midi. 'L'Art Menager' Revue officielle du Salon des Arts Menagers, contiendra le catalogue officiel du salon." (Ministry of Public Instruction. National Office for Scientific and Industrial Research and Inventions. Fifth Household Arts Show, Paris Grand Palais. January 27-February 19, 1928. Everything relating to the development and supply of the modern house. Entrance fee 3 francs until noon, 5 francs in the afternoon, 10 francs on Friday afternoon. 'Household Art' Official review of the Household Arts Show will contain the official catalog of the salon.)

Artist: M. Toussaint

Year: 1928

Condition: Good, please note some minor scratches along the border, as well as restoration done in the bottom left corner

Poster is linen-backed on canvas

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