Aus der Anarchie

Germany - c. 1919
Hanns Herkendell

34 x 43 in (85 x 110 cm)



This is a German political poster following the end of World War 1. "From Anarchy, The brutal class egoism. Save the Christian ideal. Right, Duty and Charity. Select the Christian People's Party".

"Ays der Anarchie, des brutalen Klassengoismus, retten allein die christlichen Ideale, Recht, Pflict, und Nachstenliebe, Darum Wahlt. Die Chrisluiche Volkspartei"

Artist: Hanns Herkendell

Condition: Excellent

Hans Sachs Collection?

Please note poster is linen backed


1919 20th Century 250-500 anarchy black charity christian class cross Denmark Dusseldorf duty egoism German Germany Hanns Herkendell Herkendell ideal jesus jhs medium orange political political party propaganda red religious size-33-5x43-25 vote yellow

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