47 x 63 in (119 x 160 cm)


Full title: Essence Homogene pour Automobiles // AUTOMOBILINE / en Bidons Plombes de 5 litres / Desmarais Freres / PARIS 

Translation: Homogeneous Gasoline for Automobiles / AUTOMOTIVE / in lead cans of 5 liters / Desmarais Brothers / PARIS

Year: c. 1895

Printer: Chardin 17 Pas Daudin, PARIS

Condition: Excellent

Description: French horizontal poster advertising "Essence Homogene pour Automobiles" (Homogeneous Fuel for Automobiles) under the brand name "Automobiline." The poster promotes fuel available in lead-sealed 5-liter containers manufactured by Desmarais Frères, a company based in Paris.

Based on this information, it appears that Desmarais Frères was a supplier or distributor of automobile fuel in Paris during the period when the poster was produced. The poster likely aimed to attract customers by highlighting the qualities and benefits of their fuel, possibly emphasizing its compatibility and efficiency for automobiles.

This poster is linen-backed on acid-free paper and canvas. 

500-1000 automobiles automobiline car france french paris size-47x63 transportation