Kathleen Kucka "Burn Thru" #2

USA, 2013

10 x 12 in (24 x 30 cm)


American visual artist Kathleen Kucka specializes in mark-making, often using torches, hotplates or irons to “draw” her burn on paper or canvas. For this piece, she used an electric charcoal lighter to burn holes in the upper canvas to reveal the canvas underneath. Her burn works are heavily inspired by other minimalist artists such as Lucio Fontana and the German Zero Group. She has been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, the Columbia Museum of Art, and the Drawing Center amongst others.

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Artist: Kathleen Kucka

Condition: Excellent

Medium: Canvas on wood

1000-2500 american artist minimalism minimalist original art size-9-5-x-12 small visual art