Ben Hur Original Play Poster ✓

United States, c. 1899

78 x 108 in (198 x 274 cm)


"Klaw & Erlanger's Stupendous Production, Dramatized by William Young. 'The sun of India is in thine eyes and in the corner of thy mouth. Egypt has sent its love sign." 

This beautiful turn-of-the-century poster advertises a play about a Jewish man in the Roman empire who has to escape from slavery. The detailed image of a scene from the play sets up expectations for elaborate sets and stunning costumes. This play was made into a movie in 1925 and later in 1959. The play itself was a huge hit -- it began in 1899 at the Broadway City in New York City and by the end of its showing in 1920, it had been played at theaters across the world. 

Printer: the Strobridge Litho Co


2500-5000 india performance size-78x108 theater wallaces XL