Bouillie Macclesfield

France - c. 1950

46 x 64 in (117 x 161 cm)

ID #FRLB5338


Macclesfield Fungicide

Protect your vines


In order to protect their crops, French farmers often made use of the Macclesfield fungicide, a trusted product then being distributed by Garrigue and Challou. This particular brew has remained a staple in crop growing throughout Europe, and is in fact still available for purchase today. The Bouillie Macclesfield comes in the form of a wettable powder and is suitable for organic farming. 

1950 500-1000 agriculture blue c. 1950 chemical farm farming France french fungicide grapes medium Original pesticide pesticides product red size-46x63-5 vine vintage poster vintage posters wine

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