Cathedral From Verulamium St. Albans Poster

England, c. 1950

39 x 24 in (99 x 61 cm)


"England, Britain, The Great Britain Travel Association"

This stunning photograph is from a series of travel posters meant to promote tourism in Britain. The site advertises is St. Albans Cathedral built in the 11th Century. The cathedral is shown here from the viewpoint of the Verulamium ruins across the river. These ruins are from the Romans when they had control over the United Kingdom. This idyllic picture of a couple strolling between these two historic monuments is sure to bring visitors flocking. 

Artist: Travel Association Photograph

Year: c. 1950

Condition: Good, slight damage on the bottom left side  

This poster can be linen-backed on canvas for an additional charge. Please email for more information. 

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