Léger for Musée de Lyon #36

France, 1959

12 x 9 in (30 x 23 cm)


"Fernand Léger / Musée de Lyon / 28 Juin - 30 Septembre 1955 / Ouvert Tous Les Jours / Festival Lyon-Charbonniéres / Syndicat D Initiative de Lyon"

In 1959, lithographer Fernand Mourlot organized an exhibition of all the lithographs artists had created at his shop, Mourlot Studios. His shop, later renamed Mourlot Editions, started to grow as he began inviting some of the era's most famous modern artists of the time to produce lithographs with him. Now armed with printing skills under Mourlot's guidance, these artists began producing posters for their exhibitions, taking charge of their own advertisement campaigns. By reintroducing lithography to the world as a still relevant artform, Mourlot truly earned his title as the father of modern lithography.

Image: Artist Fernand Léger produced this piece to advertise an exhibit of his work at the Musée de Lyon in 1955.

Printer: Mourlot

Condition: Excellent

Material: Paper

50-100 art exhibit exhibition festival france french leger lithograph lyon museum poster size-12-x-9 small vintage poster

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