Achetez Le Nouveau Timbre Antituberculeux Poster

France, 1932

32 x 24 in (81 x 61 cm)


"deux sous pour la santé / joie de vivre / omitê ntional de défense contre la tuberculose 1932 / Achetez le nouveau timbre antituberculeux"

This poster promotes new stamps from the Committee for Defense Against Tuberculosis. The stamp features children gleefully playing with the translated caption reading: "Games and Health Protected by the B.C.G Vaccine". The stamps celebrated Albert Calmette's discovery of Bacillus Calmette-Guérin, used in the tuberculosis vaccine. 

Artist: René Vincent

Printer: A. Breger Frères

Condition: Fair; please note the signs of restoration and the visible fold lines.

Material: Linen backed on canvas

All sizes are approximate.

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