Candle Dancers

Jules Cheret
France - circa 1890
8 x 14 in (20 x 35 cm)
ID #101607


Original lithograph 

*note staining around edges


Jules Cheret (1836 - 1932) is known as the Father of the modern poster. He made a number of great contributions to the art of posters and made significant advancements in the technical production of printed media by making rapid color printing in volume possible. He was the first person to produce posters in mass through color lithography and played a major role in the transformation of poster design giving it an identity distinct from other fields of art at the time. Cheret was not interested in merely presenting a product he believed the poster must produce an emotional reaction in the viewer, such as curiosity, amusement or excitement.

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100-250 8 x 13.75 in / cm 8 x 13.75 in. paper size showing obvious staining around edge candle Chaix cheret Cheret: The Father of the Modern Poster dance dancers entertainment FR France France french Jules Cheret Original size-8x13-75 small toc turn of the century vintage poster

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