Capital Punishment Protest Poster ✓

USA, 1976

17 x 21 in (43 x 53 cm)

ID #FF9C-PK25-L-24x

"Capital Punishment means them without the capital get the punishment."

It's hard to look away from this print, designed by Peg Averill, an activist often working on art against the death penalty. The sketch-style of the drawing is typical of her art. This poster, specifically, was published by the War Resisters League in New York City, through the Liberation News Service.

Artist: Peg Averill

Printer: The Print Shop, Smithtown, NY

Condition: Great

This poster is on paper, but please note that we offer linen-backing for an additional cost. However, some posters do not require this service if they are in good condition. Email us at for more details.

250-500 activism activist activist art original political prison abolition protest size-17x21

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