Caventou, Pelletier, and Quinine Poster

U.S.A., 1954
18 x 21 in (46 x 53 cm)
ID #FF31-Z-PK1

"(About 1820) The team of Parisian pharmacists, Pierre-Joseph Pelletier and Joseph-Bienaime Caventou, isolated many plant constituents in their apothecary; their greatest contribution was the extraction of quinine from cinchona (Peruvian) barks."

Original vintage poster of two great Parisian pharmacists. Their perfectly-coiffed hair and fitted emerald vests lend an air of elegance to the scene. Who but Parisian pharmacists could manage to make lab work look fashionable?

Born in Grand Rapids, Missouri in 1915, Robert Thom is a notable American illustrator. Thom is best-known for his historical scenes, as exemplified in this series of works, A History of Pharmacy in Pictures. This series was commissioned by Parke-Davis Company, a subsidiary of Pfizer, and was printed serially throughout the 50s. The 40 pieces were created in partnership with the Institute for the History of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin. Thom started his career as a commercial illustrator for Detroit Edison and General Motors in 1939. After six years, Thom left these companies behind and shifted to being an independent artist. Thom began taking commissions for paintings and attracted big-name clientele. An important contributor to American illustration, Thom’s realistic work can be seen at the Baseball Hall of Fame and the White House.

Artist: Robert A. Thom

Printer: Parke, Davis & Company

Year: 1954

Condition: Excellent

50-100 classroom doctors horizontal poster medical medicine original poster pharmacists pharmacy size-18x21 vintage poster

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