Chadebec à la Manière de Picasso Poster

France, c. 1978

33 x 25 in (84 x 64 cm)


"Chadebec à la manière de Picasso, Chaque chose à sa place"

Chadebec in the manner of Picasso, Everything in its place

This brilliant vintage poster was done in the style of Pablo Picasso to emphasize the order in disorder. His abstract art, though messy-lloking at first, actually has a distinct form. Promoted by INRS, or the Institut national de recherche et de sécurité, these posters are meant to encourage workplace safety and utmost caution. Chadebec, the designer for this poster, worked almost exclusively for INRS, creating bold and eye-catching posters such as this one.

Artist: Bernard Chadebec

Note this poster is on paper. We offer linen-backing service. If interested, please email for service cost. 

Condition: Good, some dings that could be fixed with linen-backing


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