Chemins de fer de l'Ouest

Jules Alexandre Grün
29 x 41 in (74 x 104 cm)
ID #FRLB1331


Western Railways

Reduced-price trips

The Western Railways Company is giving to the public, for its disposal, during the summer season, tickets and cards at reduced prices (names to follow):

1. Tickets to sea baths

Valid, according to the distance, 3, 4, 10, and 33 days;

2. Round trip tickets

Valid for one month (11 different itineraries);

3. Tickets to Mont Saint-Michel

Valid, according to the distance, from 3 to 8 days;

4. Tickets to Havre

Issued at the depart from Paris and from Rouen, a boat ride between Rouen and Havre is included;

5. Tickets to Jersey Island

Issued at the depart from Paris and certain stations in Provence, valid for one month;

6. Tickets for the northern coast of Brittany

Individual or family 

Permits you to travel freely for 33 days on the Granville-Brest line as long as the line remains along the coast.  The tickets also guarantee the right to a round trip (with optional stops) between your station of origin and one of the stations on the Granville-Brest line.


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