Clandestine Perfume ✓

France - c. 1995

47 x 63 in (119 x 160 cm)

ID #LB47X63TABLE-J-003

"Clandestine Guy Laroche" by Razzia is a French illustrator and graphic designer who is recognized for his Art Deco-inspired images to promote a wide range of advertising campaigns. 

The poster showcases a refined lady dressed in a striking geometric gown with cool shades of blue, pink, gold, and black, complemented by gloves, and fixated on a Clandestine perfume bottle. The use of the term "Clandestine" conveys an air of secrecy, heightening the allure and mystique of the fragrance.

Conditioned: Minor restoration work was done on the left and right corners of the poster. It is recommended to zoom in and out of the photo to get a better view of its condition.

This poster is linen backed on canvas and is also available on paper. Email us at for more details. 


1995 250-500 ArtDeco c. 1995 clandestine haute couture perfume Razzia size-47x63