Combattez La Tuberculose

France - c. 1920
32 x 47 in (80 x 119 cm)


Fight tuberculosis

How it spreads:  Spit and spray,  Inhaled or swallowed dust,  Objects that touched mouths

Allies of tuberculosis:   Intemperance,  Overwork,  Closed windows,  Dirty and dusty places

Enemies of tuberculosis:  Medicine,  Sun and fresh air, Rest,  Healthy meals

The devastating effects of tuberculosis compared to other diseases

You can and must avoid tuberculosis

One out of eight deaths is due to tuberculosis 

Tuberculosis is a national peril

Fighting it is a patriotic duty

Tuberculosis can and must be vanquished

Public powers and private initiatives have joined to fight this disease.

Support them; Help them.

Precautions that victims must take: Clean and destroy spit, Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, Keep your utensils and napkins to yourself, Sleep alone.

Fight tuberculosis

The nature of trench warfare, prominent in World War I, led to astounding numbers of TB infections in the army.  Afraid of the public health implications of these men returning home, many precautions were taken.  However, the disease was proving uncontrollable and authorities were asking for help.  
Unbeknown to many, the Rockefeller Foundation stepped in to help the TB crisis in Europe.  With their help, the French were able to beat TB.

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