Crio - Prodigieux pours tous lavages ✓

Guy Georget

64 x 46 in (163 x 117 cm)


Full Title: Crio Prodigieux Pours Tous Lavages -- La Sante De Votre Linge 

Translation: Prodigious Crio for all washes -- The Health of Your Laundry

Artist: Guy Georget

Condition: Excellent. Please note small color discoloration where the fold lines of the poster were. 

Description: This poster features a man wearing a white coat and a stethoscope, inspecting a white button-down shirt. The text on the poster promotes a particular brand of laundry detergent, with the slogan "Crio-Prodigieux, pours tous lavages" which roughly translates to "Crio-Prodigieux, for all the washes!"

Guy Georget was a French graphic artist and poster designer known for his colorful and playful designs. "Crio-Prodigieux" is a great example of his style, with its bright colors, playful imagery, and eye-catching typography. The use of a medical professional in the poster emphasizes the idea of "healthy" or "living" laundry, which would have resonated with viewers at the time.

1950 500-1000 advertisement bathroom detergent Guy Georget horizontal laundry product advertisement size-64x46