D & N Rolland

47 x 32 in (119 x 81 cm)

ID #100798


Wooden homes - Brick homes

New series constructed in brick

Maximum comfort

Maximum savings

4 rooms with W.C. and cellar

Keys in hand at 20k from Paris

18,750 Francs

Permanent Exhibitions

7 years of credit

At the headquarters

189, Avenue Michel-Bizot

and at the new exhibition

29 Gassendi St.

1920 250-500 47 x 32 in / 114.3 x 81.4 cm architecture architecture product horizontal blue blue yellow green red c. 1920 D & N Rolland FR France french horizontal medium Original product product horizontal architecture product horizontal home architecture size-47x32 vintage poster vintage poster horizontal product architecture blue yellow green red house child dog yes