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Monte Carlo, c. 1930

25 x 39 in (62 x 99 cm)


Title: Enlist in the Marines

Vintage poster encouraging enlistment in the French Marines. The names of various naval ships are listed on the poster—the Primaguet, Duquesne, Suffren, Surcue, Courbet—all potential ships that a marine could have the honor of manning. The map designed as the backdrop for the poster further engages the viewer to imagine all the distant islands they could reach as a marine; the whole poster is composed to engage the imagination and glorify the sea-faring life of a French marine. 

"Dans le sillage de gloire..." (In the wake of glory...)

Artist: V. Chol

Printer: Monegasque, Monte-Carlo

Year: c. 1930

Condition: Fair, please note restoration done along the bottom border

Poster is linen-backed on canvas


*updated 2022

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