Dattelpalme Poster

Germany, c. 1900

26 x 34 in (66 x 86 cm)


Title: Date Palm

Original vintage poster showing the harvest of date trees (scientific name Phoenix Dactylifera). The illustration reveals just how much of a communal experience the harvesting is: men share stories by the pond, woman take the opportunity to collect some water to bring home, and the pluckier young men climb up the palm trees to collect their sweet fruit.

Artist: Coker

Printer: Leipziger Schulbilderverlag von F.E. Wachsmuth, Leipzig

Year: c. 1900

Condition: Good. please note minor restoration along the border

Please note this poster is linen-backed on canvas

250-500 belle epoque dates desert horizontal poster original poster palm trees size-26x34 toc turn of the century vintage poster