Diekirch Travel Poster ✓

Luxembourg, c. 1920
25 x 39 in (64 x 99 cm)

"Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois." 

Translation: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Luxembourgish National Railways

This original vintage poster promotes tourism to the commune of Diekirch, in the tiny country of Luxembourg. A beautiful scene from the down shows a rushing river and many activities one can do in Diekirch, from badminton, cooking, swimming, fishing, camping, and more. The brown, blue, and green, color scheme of this poster is unusual but definitely makes for a visually appealing piece. 

Artist: R. Gerson

Printer: Ed. Huss & Cie, Lux

Condition: Excellent

Please note this is linen-backed on canvas. 


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