Disque Bleu ✓

Fix-Masseau c.1965

45 x 64 in (114 x 163 cm)


Pierre Fix-Masseau's "Disque Bleu Bout Filtre" is a renowned advertisement created to promote the French cigarette brand, Disque Bleu, which had just launched a new type of filter known as the "Bout Filtre" (Tip Filter).

The Tip Filter was a revolutionary development in cigarette design as it was among the first to be made from cellulose acetate, effectively reducing tar and nicotine levels in cigarette smoke and providing a healthier smoking experience for users.

Artist: Pierre Fix-Masseau's 

Year: 1965

Conditioned: Good, note visible fold lines. Please enlarge the image by clicking on it to better see the various imperfections.

This poster is linen backed on canvas. Email us at postermuseum@gmail.com for more details.



500-1000 cigarettes france linen backed PierreFixMasseau size-45x64 smoking tobacco

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