Egg Carriers & Slaughtering and Meat Cutting

16 x 20 in (41 x 51 cm)


This Collection is a part of "The Growth of Industrial Art" printed in 1890 by the U.S. Patent Office. These tools and modes of production changed people's way of life as well as how they interacted with a rapidly changing world.  

"The immense increase in the hens egg industry of late years has made a convenient method of transporting them a necessity. In 1880 the number of eggs reported was 456,910,916 dozens. This number has been steadily increased." -excerpt from Egg Carriers

"One of the great industries connected with the supply of food, viz,.  slaughtering and meat packing, yields an aggregate product of 303,562,413 pounds per year in the United States." -excerpt from Slaughtering and Meat Cutting

37 on one side, 38 on back side.

Please note: Some posters in this collection have missing pieces and tears on the margin

50-100 carriers egg eggs industrial industry meat patent production revolution size-16-x-20-in slaughter world