El Cid en Valencia Poster ✓

Spain, c. 1885

15 x 22 in (38 x 56 cm)


El Cid is the Moorish name for the Castilian knight. Through his battle skills he took over Valencia, which became independent during the Reconquista.

"La Nueva Lidia" refers to "toro de lidia," or a Spanish bullfighting bull. This beautiful print is part of a collection of Spanish bullfighting works showing the "historia del toreo," featuring a print of a medieval arena and a slain bull. It gives viewers a look into the sport of bullfighting we see today.

Artist: A. Lizcano

Printer: Lit. M. Fernandez

Condition: Good, some yellowing

Please note this poster is linen-backed on canvas.


*Updated 2022

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