Emil Nolde Kunsthalle Köln Poster

Germany, c. 1973
33 x 24 in (84 x 61 cm)
ID #FF12B-N-153 PK7
Emil Nolde Kunsthalle Köln

Poster for an exhibit at the art hall Cologne, for the artist Emil Nolde. Emil Nolde was a German-Danish printmaker and painter. He was also one of the first Expressionists, and a member of Die Brücke. Die Brücke was a group of German expressionist artists formed in Dresden in 1905.

Artist: repro partner

Printer: Timm Druck KG, Hamburg

Condition: Larger creases from folding.

Please note that this poster can be linen-backed on canvas for an additional charge. Email postermuseum@gmail.com for more information.

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