En Belgique Les Belges Ont Faim - Théophile Alexandre Steinlen

France - 1915
35 x 50 in (89 x 127 cm)
ID #FRLB1118


In Belgium, the Belgians are starving.

Artistic Lottery for the benefit of the public health of Belgium

Each 5 Franc ticket entitles you to:

A - a souvenir, special work: it could be an engraving by the painter Firmin Baes; it could be a medal charm by the sculpteur Devreese

B - at the drawing of the lottery, donations of crafts (lace, embroidery, painted vases, silks, etc., made by Belgian women)

You can buy tickets at the headquarters of the Franco-Belge Alliance

DP -- 07/2019


1915 500-1000 allied powers Art Lottery Belgium c. 1910 c. 1919 charity Finance France french medium Original red size-35x50 Steinlen vintage poster War World War One WW1